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About Us

Since 1977, Alcar Constructors, Inc has been in business as a General Contractor.  Our Business is built on a foundation of commitment to our customers and the trust we've earned from the start.  By making your concerns, such as quality and safety, our key concerns, we have managed to grow and thrive on the repeat business that naturally results from such partnerships.

As you'll learn from our website, our primary specialties are steel fabrication and erection, concrete construction and demolition, process piping, machinery installation and maintenance and plant maintenance.  We also have the facilities to accommodate steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and equipment fabrication.

Alcar Presently employee's iron workers, pipe fitters, certified experienced welders, riggers, millwrights, reliability engineers, and form carpenters.

No job is too big or too small! We have successfully completed contracts ranging from five thousand to 3.4 million dollars.

We look forward to the opportunity of quoting your next project. Upon request, we will provide you with insurance certificates, bank references, and the financial information you will need in making your important decision.

Let us include you in our list of satisfied customers, by exceeding your expectations and building a lasting relationship!


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