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Top 8 Reasons Industries Choose Alcar


Structural Steel Work, Fabrication, Erection, Concrete Construction-Alcar Constructors, North Carolina



#1) Safety is Our #1 Goal

The word “safety” will come up often in our conversations about your upcoming construction project. Alcar Constructors’ “Gold Standard of Safety” is woven into everything we do for you. Our safety record over the past 28 years is second to none -- and that is something you can depend on with confidence!

#2) We are experts in a variety of related fields.

Structural steel work, fabrication, erection, concrete construction and demolition, process piping, rigging, machinery installation and plant maintenance – we do it all and we do it right with our seasoned team of certified welders, riggers, iron workers, pipe fitters, machinists, millwrights and form carpenters. You don’t have to suffer the headaches and added expense of working with multiple companies to get the complete job done. We are a licensed North and South Carolina general contractor, so all you need is Alcar Constructors on your job.

#3) We Minimize Down Time

You can’t afford for our team to get in the way of your normal production schedules. You need us to get in, get the job done, and get out as fast as possible. That’s one big reason our clients have confidence in us. We have the skilled crews to work quickly, efficiently and safely.

#4) Top-notch Trouble Shooting.

When our customers have equipment and production breakdown problems, we send in our veteran trouble-shooters. Their combined over 100-plus years of experience is the difference between just staring at the problem and actually solving it. Alcar troubleshooters will assess your situation, identify the problem, and make the repair in minimal time. You’ll be back up and running fast.

#5) Experience and skills run deep in every Alcar project team.

We guarantee that the tradesmen we assign to your project will be the most experienced in our industry, from the project manager down to every specialist in the group.

#6) Experience working in harsh, dangerous conditions.

It takes a special kind of person to do the often dangerous work that we do every day. Alcar Constructors has a job safety record second to none, no matter how harsh, adverse or dangerous the conditions have been. Our teams know how to keep a clear head and do the job right, whether they are working in hot cramped quarters indoors or on an I-beam several stories high.

#7) Excellent Performance

Over the past decades, we have built exceptionally talented and skilled teams of professionals who have worked together for many years. Alcar Constructors guarantees that our work will meet or exceed your own high standards of performance.

#8)  Fair Pricing

Alcar Constructors will help you get the best value for your money in two important ways: Number one: Alcar will keep your costs down because our experienced project team can perform every phase of your construction project – from structural steel work, fabrication, and erection to rigging and process piping -- without bringing in outside workers or other companies. Number two: Other construction companies may think nothing of sending inexperienced workers to your project; but, you’ll pay for that lack of experience with unnecessary downtime as the project drags on and on. Alcar’s top-notch project team will need less time to get the job done right.


Alcar Constructors, Inc. is proud that some of our repeat customers include:

PPG Industries, Gerdau Ameristeel, Michelin Tire Manufacturing, Philip Morris USA, American Can, Union Camp, Duke Energy, CSR: Hydro Conduit, ESSROC, Liburdi Turbine Service, Norandal, Shurtape, Speedway Motorsports Inc., International Mill Services, National Starch, Olympic Chemical, Americhem, Strough's Air Products, UNC Charlotte, United McGill, and Concrete Supply

Structural Steel Work, Fabrication, Erection, Concrete Construction-Alcar Constructors, Inc.-North Carolina